Daily Mail cricket desk risks comparisons to rest of Mail Online by publishing tedious non-story about Kevin Pietersen just before England seal victory

The Daily Mail’s cricket desk risked being compared to the rest of the internet-baiting hits-by-astonished-outrage Mail Online website by publishing a non-story about Kevin Pietersen turning up to watch his colleagues face New Zealand on Sunday at Lord’s – when they were on the verge of victory.

Mail Online has been mocked for dressing itself up as a news website despite not being involved in news.

Injured England batsman Pietersen showed up at the head office of his employers and was pictured with England coach Andy Flower, fitness coach Huw Bevan and batting coach Graham Gooch.

“The controversial batsman has been antagonising the ECB recently; he did not turn up to the England Player of the Year function at Lord’s on Monday,” wibbled the Mail article as it got momentarily confused about whether it was annoyed about the high-profile, opinion-splitting, hit-generating batsman turning up to things or not turning up to things.

But maybe the cricket desk won’t be upset by the comparison – after all they are part of the same website.

It continues to frustrate Mail Online that Kevin Pietersen is England’s best and most exciting batsman despite being a bit foreign, while pictures of the wealthy man in exotic locations incensed them so much they had no choice but to reprint them to accompany their drivelsome moaning.

The attention-seeking non-stories about Pietersen while a thrilling Test was about to be won by one of the finest new-ball spells ever seen at Lord’s don’t help their cause, either.

  • For reference, the original article can be found here, but we’ve already clicked on it twice to write this pish. And that’s surely plenty. Remember, clicking on the link means supporting the Mail’s audience-hating business model. Be stronger than us. Resist.
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    1. Gareth said:

      I think you make a valid point but I can’t help but respect the Mail Online and its success – it is one of the few traditional newspapers to produce a profitable online venture.

      Also I find the constant celebrity driven content much easier to stomach than the stuff that is printed in the Daily Mail itself. However the payoff seems to be that it’s sport coverage is well, as you alluded to, sensationalist twaddle…

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